The Paper Business Card is Dead: How to Network Better in 2023

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The Paper Business Card is Dead: How to Network Better in 2023

The Paper Business Card is Dead

All things must come to an end eventually.

The novelty of paper business cards has certainly worn out its welcome. Its reign as networking’s chief collaborator is finally through, and although it’s tough moving on from what we know, there is an incredibly better alternative on the horizon. But before we can assess the future, the question that needs answering is: what killed the paper business card?

What Killed the Paper Business Card?


The truth is, paper business cards phased themselves out of practical usage. In 2022 and beyond, the amount of paper an individual wastes between mass producing and handing out their paper business card —of which most people lose, misplace, or even worse, throwaway— is arguably irresponsible. Paper business cards are a relic, a thing of the past, and your business, your brand, and more importantly, you, deserves better.

So, what is that alternative?

The dot.card

The future of networking is now.

Your dot.card is the catalyst to your next conversation. Not only is it the only business card you’ll ever need for the rest of your life, it acts as the best conversation starter for you as you connect with your network.

The dot.card resembles that of a premium credit card. The matte card comes complete with a soft-touch finish, which work to further bolster your first impressions.

How Your dot.card Works

Connecting has never been faster.

Once setup, your dot.card will be used to transfer your dot.Profile. With a single tap, a link to your dot.Profile will popup as a notification on the other person’s phone. That link will open directly in their phone’s browser. Then, they will be able save the contact directly to their phone.

The dot.card also comes equipped with your own personal QR card on the back that can be scanned by any phone, regardless of their NFC compatibility.

The best part is: no app is needed. We believe that hassle free contact sharing provides the best networking experience possible.

You can find all of our dot.devices here, including the dot.card that will replace your paper business cards for good.

The future of networking is now.