About Us

The idea of digital business cards is nothing new. Even though it's been tried and tested by many, most have missed the true goal, connecting people seamlessly. Some required both people to have an app on their phones to transfer contact info, introducing the hurdle of having to install an app beforehand. While others required extensive setup and maintenance. Dot eliminates all of this by leveraging advancements in web technologies along with a sleek smart card.

Connecting with a new client or friend requires only a tap to the back of their phone. Dot utilizes Near Field Communication (NFC), allowing the instant transfer of anything, from your contact info to your website and even all of your social media accounts. Dot devices come in the form of a smart business card and a dot that sticks to the back of a phone or any surface. A dot device boasts a minimal design as it acts simply as a medium of transfer. All the customization takes place on the dot profile. Users have access to different color themes, custom images, and several layouts to ensure their dot profile aligns with their brand identity.

Early adopters of dot have praised the product's simplicity and ease of use. It takes only seconds to share, and once on the dot, profile users can download the contact card and have access to their website, personal bio, and more. Some even refer to it as magic. Networking with dot offers a unique start to a conversation along with a lasting first impression.