Why It's Important To Leave a Good First Impression

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Why It's Important To Leave a Good First Impression

First Impressions Are Everything

Ever judge a book by its cover?

The truth is, we’re all susceptible to making quick judgements within seconds of meeting a new person. Knowing this is the case, let’s arm ourselves with the knowledge and resources needed to make impeccable first impressions that will not only make you memorable, but will change how you connect for good.

Be Confident

Confidence exudes charisma!

Whenever meeting someone new, you want to lead with your best foot forward. No matter what it is you’re bringing to the table, your network will live and die on your ability to successfully connect with as many people as possible.

Small business owners, artists, students, entrepreneurs: you name it! Everyone benefits from their confidence. The more confident you are the better your ability to connect will be.

Be a Good Listener

We all love to talk. Let’s give the other person a chance too.

It’s easy to hog the mic when you’re meeting someone new. Whether its nerves, anxiety, or even your passionate feelings about your own business, rambling is always a 1-way-street. It’s never fun to be on the other end of it, so instead, be sure to really listen to who you’re connecting with.

You’ll be surprised how endearing this is, and even better, you might just learn a thing-or-two as well.

Empower Your Ability To Connect

The future of networking is now. Let’s level up together!

Connecting has never been better thanks to the ingenuity of the dot.device. Throw away your paper business cards and get to networking like you mean it with your dot.card, dot.classic, or your dot.thin!

Nothing screams confidence more than an elegantly designed dot.device. It works not only as a revolutionary networking tool, but it also acts as a great conversation starter to boot.

A dot.device seamlessly transfers all of the information on your dot.Profile with a single tap onto someone else’s phone. Your dot.Profile is fully customizable —including a bio, social media links, payment info, and more— and enables you to share every important detail about you and your business, brand, or product, with your network.

First Impressions Done The Right Way

A good first impression breeds long term relationships.

The facts are simple. By being confident, a good listener, and upgrading your networking skills with your dot.device, your first impressions will continue to blow people away and help grow your network into the powerhouse that its meant to be.